How does therapy work?

I offer a free 10-15 minute video chat if you would like to see if we are a good fit to work together. During this meeting, we will not discuss your personal issues. This is mainly a time for you to ask questions of me.

The first time we meet for counseling is called an Intake session. There is paperwork for you to fill out before this meeting (Inset link to Client Forms page). We will meet for 50-60 minutes. We will review what you have written in your paperwork so that I can begin getting to know you.

How often we meet after that is based primarily on your need for services. Occasionally I will take planned time off and that might change our schedule. If you would like regularity, I will try to find a consistent time slot for you if we are meeting weekly or every other week.


I am in network with Moda, Providence and Regence (BCBS) and am contracted with a billing person who can submit claims on your behalf to these companies . For other insurances, I can provide a bill/receipt that you can submit in hopes of some reimbursement. Paying out-of-pocket for your sessions is also an option. Some people even prefer that for privacy reasons.

You may inquire about your policy's benefits (in network or out of network) by calling the behavioral health number on the back of your card.

A session may be submitted to health insurance only if the client has a covered mental health diagnosis.

Couple counseling: Some health insurance policies cover couple work and many do not. The important thing to ask when you call them is whether or not they cover procedure code 90847.

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